💚 Back with POUND 💚

I took a bit of a break over Holy Week and Easter. It is a busy time for a Vicar! But now we are out the other side and so I’m more than ready to get back with it. I’m looking forward to getting back into the groove, literally of beating those sticks whilst squatting and lunging to some fantastic tracks.
Of course, we are still on Zoom; the gyms may be reopening tomorrow (Monday 12th) but group exercise classes can’t resume until 17th May at the earliest.
I must admit that I’m getting itchy feet, and sticks for the day when we can rock out and work out together again. I can’t wait to get my group back together, to see everybody in the flesh again! I want to hear those sticks beating together, hitting the floor and to see everyone moving as one, moving with me, everyone pushing themselves to complete the track.
I can’t wait to have the music up loud and the lights down low, flashing and changing with a beat that pulses through your entire body. I can’t wait to collapse laughing when we all get it wrong together and have to begin again!
We’ve kept on going since our group classes were stopped in November 2020. Since then our dining room has been my studio, with everything continually set up: speaker, laptop, mic, lights, Ripstix, of course. But it isn’t the same.   Although I know everyone is there, I’m still Pounding to myself at the end of the day. I only see myself on my laptop – I can’t watch everyone else because of the time delay. I need to be in time with my own music!                                        Pound is similar to everything else we’ve discovered over this extraordinary year: better when it is shared in person. The fact is, we need one another to get the best out of the experience! Zoom has been absolutely amazing and has offered us so many opportunities we wouldn’t have otherwise had during the Lockdowns,  and I will still enjoy each session until we are able to meet up face to face. But that is now what I’m itching to do, to lead my lovely class in the flesh once again.

Fingers crossed for 17th May 💚💚💚


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