Monthly Archives: January 2021

Moors Murders and the day that changed my life forever

1965 I don’t recall the month or the exact time of year. I guess it can’t have been too cold because I can remember clearly that I was wearing dress. I usually did. I was a very girly, girl, unlike my younger sister, who was always an out and out tomboy. Even today I never […]


This morning I completed my January 2021 BOOTCAMP! 20 killer Joe Wick’s workouts and 8 POUND classes! It has been an adventure and I’ve achieved so much! I began on the 4th January and I’ve pushed on through every day and at the end of it, I can honestly say that I feel so energised […]

Seeing the world through different lenses

I don’t like wearing my glasses. Fact. I never have done; I don’t like the feel of them on my face. But my eyesight is rubbish – especially when it comes to reading. I stand no chance if faced with small print or bad light! I do have contact lenses (also varifocal) and they are […]


The cover photograph for my Blog site is the painting on the side of the barn at Whitebottom Farm by Paint Sayers. The words are the final lines of the poem ‘Invictus’ written in 1875, by William Ernest Henley. ‘Invictus’ is Latin, meaning ‘unconquerable’. The poem is about stoicism, about courage in the face of […]

Tattoo of Unity

***If you are visiting this page for the first time, please do look at the previous posts in this section. This is my story and it will all make more sense if you begin to read where I began to write*** 2020 I attended the appointment with my GP. Explaining myself to him and then […]

Vicar turns Warrior

It’s December 2018 ~ I’ve been 60 since March and made great progress with my strength and fitness. I am a regular at my local gym: I Spin four or five times each week, I lift weights, I’ve taken part in the odd Circuit Training session and I have a Personal Trainer who puts me […]