Well, I survived the first week of Joe Wick’s BOOTCAMP! Five HIIT workouts
over the past week plus two POUND workouts and I’m still standing (just). I’ve got to admit to using a fair bit of muscle rub on my right knee over the past few days, but I’m ready to start it all again at 7am tomorrow.
I must admit that I prefer to get up and get on with my workout first thing in the morning. Even Saturday’s 9am session felt as if I’d had to wait half the day for it. But I actually struggle most with the two 7pm sessions. I’ve generally had it for the day by then – I think it’s probably something to do with being 62 going on 63!
I’m pleased with how I’ve risen to the challenge so far though. I’m even just about coming to terms with chest to floor burpees… and I rose to the challenge of the ten press ups and ten sit ups a day. (Beginning 12 per day of each from tomorrow) Yes, I know what you are thinking – she’s completely mad, lost the plot, but I’m just not ready to put in the curlers and sit and knit, not yet. Until this body screams at me to stop, I will embark upon another and yet another exercise session, beginning with tomorrow’s 7am HIIT. 😉


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