The past week has been one of mixed emotions as I’ve announced my impending retirement at the end of this year  in many ways it seems months away, but I know only too well that once the summer holidays are over, the weeks will fly by.
There are many conversations still to have and so many decisions about the future still to be made (who knows what God has in store) but today was a milestone as my lovely congregation listened to the announcement below:


On 15th March 2011, I was installed as Vicar of St Pauls and it has been my privilege to serve this parish for over 10 years. I am deeply grateful for your continued love, care and support over that time.

Now, however, it is time for me to step away, and to that end I have submitted my Deed of Resignation to the Bishop of Chester notifying him of my intention to retire as Incumbent of St Paul’s with effect from 31stDecember of this year. This has been duly acknowledged and accepted by Bishop Mark.

It has been, as I’m sure you will appreciate, a very prayerfully considered decision.

For now, I look forward to continue to serve you and to serve God faithfully as you consider and look to the future of St Paul’s. I will be praying for everybody involved in that process moving forward.

My ‘Farewell’ service will be at 10.45am on 19th December, when the Archdeacon will also be joining us. I will then lead and celebrate the Christmas services before I finish.

It is the start of a new adventure for us all; I am sure that God hasn’t finished with me yet and has more in store for me beyond Parish ministry and I welcome this.

As we pray for you, I ask that you also please pray for me, for Mick and for Joanne as we prepare for this enormous change and move on to a new chapter in our lives.

With love

God Bless




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