Lifting my head up again

It has been a few weeks since I’ve written on here. If you’ve been following my Blog, then you know why: at the beginning of this month I received a comment on here which was hugely upsetting. I have not allowed it to be published. Ironically, in doing this I have protected the identity of the man who wrote it!
The comment was in response to my sharing ‘Secrets behind the collar’. Basically he told me I should be ashamed for sharing it, that I was using ‘victim status’ to gain power over my family, friends, employers and my congregation. He also accused me of being all ‘me, me, me’ for telling my story and that the sharing of it was of no benefit whatsoever, to anyone else.
There were other statements within his comment which were very personal and just so hurtful. It left me reeling and it has taken time for me to pick myself up again.
i cannot change my past, I was the victim of childhood abuse, but now I’m a survivor, and I am strong. I have to keep telling myself that!
The PTSD I suffered last year is not something I would wish upon anyone, but it did mean that in order to deal with that, I had to confront the secrets I’d held for so long
I am now moving on and using my own experiences to support others who are struggling with what has happened to them.
I will leave my story on here and I cannot thank everyone enough who has supported me in the past three weeks, affirming what I’ve done. It has given me the strength to stand up against the ‘shamer’, and now to write again.
No one should ever feel ashamed to share the story of their abuse, either privately, or publically. We are not the guilty ones and our story has to be shared and faced before we can move on from it.




6 thoughts on “Lifting my head up again

  1. Amanda Ball says:

    Well done! You should hold your head high, I for one feel happy to see you moving on, not only survivor but an inspiration to myself and many others.

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