A big decision, a difficult choice

This week, Jo, my daughter and I chose to withdraw our entries from this year’s Total Warrior extreme obstacle race. It is due to take place on 10th July in Leeds, and in fairness, all the information coming out via email is worded to assure participants that it will conducted in a COVID safe manner. However, as we have all realised over the past fifteen months, this can never be guaranteed and although vaccinated, neither of us  want to be in a position to have to take time off work to isolate. Life is busy: I have weddings and memorial services booked in over the next two months and Jo has a class of children and teaching colleagues who need her in school.  Of course none of us can guarantee that we won’t come into contact elsewhere and still have to isolate, but we have to weigh the risks and make a choice. It is one of those situations where everyone has to make their own decision about what is right for them. And there is no right or wrong in my view.

Taking part in an extreme obstacle course, such as Total Warrior, is great fun, it is muddy and messy with thousands of people scrambling over, under and through the various challenges (having done it, this for us, is the greatest area of risk). It is also a hugely physically demanding thing to do. You do need a high level of fitness to complete it.

That element of it did not come into our decision making because we have both worked hard throughout the lockdowns to keep up our fitness levels high, mainly through online and virtual workouts but also through the gym and through POUND HIIT classes.

At 63, staying fit and strong whilst staying well and injury free, have become a priority for me and it is largely what now drives my daily life choices as far as exercise and diet are concerned. Just to clarify, I don’t mean being on a diet, I mean fuelling my body well. That doesn’t mean that I don’t enjoy chocolate, cake, or a drink or two, but it does mean that I a, more likely to stop and think about the choices I am making (and yes, sometimes I go ahead with the unhealthy choice anyway!)

So, we may have made the difficult decision to turn away from Total Warrior this year, but we definitely have not turned away from our overall fitness goals!

(The photo was of Total Warrior 2019 – I am back left 😂)


2 thoughts on “A big decision, a difficult choice

  1. Bridget Headridge says:

    I think you’ve made the right decision for this year – there will be more opportunities in the future. You’ve both inspired so many with your realistic approach to exercise & diet xx

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