A daunting climb back to fitness

I’ve got to be honest, it’s not been the best or easiest summer! All was going so well until the first week in June when, whilst out on a 10km training run, I went over on my ankle at 5km out. Of course I was right at the furthest point in the park and a long way from the road. The hobble back to the road, where I could phone for help, was just horrible.

I thought I’d sprained it, but sadly no, torn ligaments and a fractured fibula was to put me out of action for months. The 10km run I was training for was abandoned.

I spent weeks in a hospital supplied boot and then in ankle supports. It is now mid September and I’m happy to say I’m on short walks.

The ankle, however, wasn’t the only blight on my summer; towards the end of August I developed pneumonia. It’s not the first time. Being asthmatic I am susceptible to chest infections of every manner.

It was so frustrating because I desperately wanted to get back into the gym and into a fitness routine. But, sadly, I’ve lost the confidence to walk through the leisure centre door because summer months have seen me pile on weight to the extent that I feel so unfit, fat and actually really low. The climb back to strength seems near impossible.

My energy levels are still low.

Last week I decided that I needed help and support to get back in shape.

I needed to reach out and ask for help. But who to ask?

I decided upon a PT (Personal Trainer).

I’ve no idea how I’m going to cope with the rigours of the next few weeks as I work closely under Heidi’s guidance – three sessions per week and a strict diet.

I am going to need every bit of grit and determination I can muster to do this.

Please hold me in your thoughts.


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