This  week I have called upon the help of a friend. For weeks now I have struggled with my own fitness programme. I’ve not managed to keep the discipline of the past. I know that the moving house, retiring from my role as Parish Priest and the death of my dad has played a huge part in this. I’ve turned to food for comfort rather than physical activity for strength and I realised that I needed to do something about it.

I calling upon a friend to help, I now have a plan to move forward and because of the time he gave me, I feel accountable. I feel accountable because of the effort he has put in to help me formulate a new plan for my fitness training. I now have a weekly plan for cardio and weight work and I am going to keep to it. I am not saying that I will ‘try’ to keep to it. I am going to keep to it.

Sometimes we need a helping hand in order to spur us into action. For too many weeks I’ve made every excuse as to why not to train. It has been spasmodic at best, but now it has been re-focussed and so I am re-energised and determined.

Does this sound familiar? Do you make every excuse why you shouldn’t do something when deep down inside you know you should? Maybe you need to do what I’ve done – find a good friend and ask them to call you into account. I promise, it can make all the difference. Sometimes to have a training buddy is what we need, someone who also needs the motivation. You might be the friend that is needed to motivate somebody else and help them to be accountable.

Spring is just around the corner. What better time to take stock, engage the help of a friend and get moving! My long term health, your long term health may well depend upon it!

As the T shirt states: ‘Just do it!’

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