Back to the workouts…

So, I’ve had two weeks off any sort of exercise at all. I know, that is so unlike me! It has been partly due to being shattered at the end of the Festival season in addition to running the parish and trying to catch up on occasional offices – Baptisms and Burials of Ashes, on top of regular services and Funerals. All of this resulted with me going down with a nasty head cold which then made its way on to my chest (not COVID).

The second reason was a week spent on holiday with much needed time lying in the sun and eating and drinking lots of goodies.

This all changed today when I got up and tackled a HIIT workout  – a leg based HIIT workout! I finished it in a hot sweaty mess with legs like jelly. How quickly we get out of the routine and resilience of exercising! The challenge now is to get back into regular workouts again and to cope with the muscle ache the next day!

This week I am also restarting my Pound Classes and I can’t wait. I’ve been working on new routines to some great tracks. It will be so good to get my Pound family back together again! It is the best workout ever and a fabulous opportunity for us all to laugh whilst burning off the calories and toning up the muscles. What’s not to love.

So, here it is, back on it  I will let you know how it goes!



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