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The challenge of the Burpee!

Those who are in the know will acknowledge that there is nothing divides a fitness class like the love/hate relationship with the Burpee. The Burpee is a full body, explosive movement involving a drop from standing into a push up position – often taking the chest to the floor – followed by a return to […]

The bewildering language of fitness 🤔

Burpees?  Squats?  Planks?   Mountain Climbers?   Bear crawls? Russian Twists?  Walk outs?  Frog jumps?   Flutter kicks?  Thrusters? When I began to seriously engage with the gym in 2018, the language of the world of fitness was a complete mystery to me. In the first instance, I panicked at the names of the various […]


This morning I completed my January 2021 BOOTCAMP! 20 killer Joe Wick’s workouts and 8 POUND classes! It has been an adventure and I’ve achieved so much! I began on the 4th January and I’ve pushed on through every day and at the end of it, I can honestly say that I feel so energised […]

Vicar turns Warrior

It’s December 2018 ~ I’ve been 60 since March and made great progress with my strength and fitness. I am a regular at my local gym: I Spin four or five times each week, I lift weights, I’ve taken part in the odd Circuit Training session and I have a Personal Trainer who puts me […]

It’s January, it must be BOOTCAMP!

It’s January – that can only mean one thing: BOOTCAMP! For the past two years I have begun the year with a Bootcamp, or Fitcamp as my gym called it. This has involved being pushed to my limits (and beyond) over several sessions a week for a month. The sessions have included: HIIT (High Intensity […]

Where did it all begin?

So, in 2018 this vicar reached the grand old age of 60. To be perfectly honest, I wasn’t looking forward to it at all. It felt so very old! But, there is one thing for sure, we cannot hold back the inevitable; whether we like it or not, we will grow older and our bodies […]