Challenges and hitches can be overcome

This week I met in person with a friend for the first time since before Christmas. We went for a walk and a good catch up. Over the intervening months we have shared the odd text, but nothing to alert me to the fact that she was lower than low. I must admit that I felt really guilty that I hadn’t realised this sooner. But it wasn’t the time to spend on ‘what ifs’.  This was the time to do something positive to help and I knew without doubt what that something was.

As I’ve already written in this blog, as the gyms have been closed I signed up for Joe Wick’s, Body Coach App, and have been following it successfully for the past three months. I am now in a position not only able to vouch for my own success, but also for that of so many others in the Body Coach community.

As we talked I told my friend about the App and showed it to her on my phone. She sounded enthusiastic as she viewed all the content until we both got really excited about her also signing up and beginning it. We both agreed that it was just what she needed to lift her, both physically, and more importantly, mentally and emotionally.

Then came the first hitch: the App is currently only on Apple and her phone is Android. How to get past that one? My friend then suddenly said she thought she might have an iPad somewhere, but didn’t know the password. Not to worry, we thought, Apple will be able to help. In the meantime, before we parted, I lent her my Joe Wick’s books to go along with his YouTube workouts. It was a start.

Then came the second hitch when she phoned later that day to say that she no longer actually had the iPad. OK. No problem I think, and I find an old iPad  which I easily take back to factory settings allowing her to download the App and get started.

Hitch number three: when the iPad is all set up, we discover it’s too old to support the Body Coach App! Now where did we go? Answer: online, where we discover that she can instead actually access Joe Wick’s 90 Day Plan on the iPad I’ve given her!  Within minutes she’s all signed up!

Now the work begins: I text her on her first day to find she has already completed a workout and planned her meals for the week ahead. We work out that the 90 days should take her to the magic Government Roadmap date of 21st June. It’s something to aim for.

This week was a succession of hitches and challenges, but for me, they were hitches and challenges that just had to be overcome in order to improve my lovely friend’s physical and mental health and well-being.

I will not let her go now. As I work out, I will encourage her to do the same and to keep on going. I will be on her shoulder. I will not let her go.

Do you know somebody who just needs a helping hand and a step up to help them get motivated again?

Do you need someone who just needs that helping hand to overcome the challenges and hitches along the way?






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