Gutted but still fighting!

For months now, as many of you are aware,  I’ve been building up my running, I’ve been pleased with my progress, getting myself up to a good time, initially with my 5km runs, and then when I smashed a 10km. I wanted to prove I could do this, not only because I’ve entered a 10km run on 26th June, but because I’m always wanting to push myself that bit further.
And then disaster struck: last Tuesday, after a busy four day Buckle and Boots Country Music Festival weekend, I went out for my usual early morning run.I’d not decided how far, as I set off from home, but I thought maybe I’d do the 5km and see how that felt. I followed my usual route, but then, coming close to the 5km mark thought I’d deviate across the field on a different path extending the run. That deviation was my mistake. The route I’d now chosen was uneven and before long, I turned my ankle. I felt nothing initially in my foot, but there was soon a sharp pain in my calf. I knew I had to stop.
I was as far from the road as I could be. It was 7.30am and all I could do was get on with it and walk.

As I reached the main road the pain in my right leg was so intense that I phoned Jo, who was still fast asleep, and bless her, she came to pick up her old mum. My tears then were of pain but more of frustration. I knew that this would be me out of action for weeks. I had a syndesmosis injury – the tearing of the ligaments in my lower leg and there was nothing else to do with this but rest.
I soon realised that I would not be running the 10km on 26th June or, in fact, any other distance for a while.
Running and working out is my means of escape, of release. It is how I look after my mental health and not to be able to do anything is so, so hard. I now have weeks of enforced physical rest ahead of me. But then I will be back to it. I know that I will have regressed by weeks in all my physical training and lost stamina and endurance. It could be the point of giving in, giving up, but I know it won’t be. This is me!
As soon as I feel I can get back on a Spin bike, I will be there, as soon as I can lift some weights, I will be there, as soon as I can lead a Pound class, I will be there, and yes, as soon as can get back out around the park I will be there, building up my running again.
As frustrating as it is when we are prevented from doing the things we want to, as gutted as we may feel when things don’t go according to plan, what matters has to be that we keep our eye on the long goal.
But you know, even more than that, that we keep ourselves firmly rooted in what we are dealing with now, what we are capable of in the present. And so, today I will still do my Wim Hof breathing routine, I will still take my freezing cold shower, I will continue to challenge myself both physically and mentally in every way I am able until this old body is fully fit again.
Staying strong, keeping going has always been my focus and goal and the work towards that aim continues now, today!
Strong independent women don’t quit!






3 thoughts on “Gutted but still fighting!

  1. Richard says:

    Hope you have a speedy recovery, unfortunately injury seems to be the flip side of exercise. Great to see you at B&B and a reminder for all not to take all the strong woman for granted.

  2. Sarah Cooper-Westhead says:

    We if anyone has the right mental positive attitude to rest and recover and get back out there it’s you, take the rest needed no less and come back stronger… 😘Xx

  3. Sarah Cooper-Westhead says:

    Well if anyone has the right mental positive attitude to rest and recover and get back out there it’s you, take the rest needed no less and come back stronger… 😘Xx

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