‘Here we go!’

‘Here we go!’ my class hears me shout, time and time again during a POUND session: it generally means we are about to launch into a move at twice the speed we’ve just been doing it! It’s a bit like going from a gentle walk to a sprint! It is the part of Pound that is more like HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) The super fast parts are short, but they are intense!
To be fair, the past week has felt a bit like that as far as working out has been concerned. From very little exercise for weeks I’m now fully back in the game, with weight training, HITT and of course, POUND.
And as if that wasn’t enough, I’ve just unfrozen my gym membership after ten months and booked on my first Spin Class at 7am on Monday morning! Now that is going to be a ‘Here we go!’ Session: half an hour of furious pedalling on a static bike without breaks. What a way to start the week! Full on, full speed.
And then there will be the usual ‘gentle’ POUND class at 6pm. It’s all good fun and it’s what keeps this 63 year old young at heart, positive in mind and hopefully younger and stronger than 63 in body!

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