HOPE – moving forward


Today I have posted the last part of ‘Secrets behind the collar’ – my true story of childhood and teenage abuse. The past eighteen months have been a painful unravelling of those events with the help of a wonderful counsellor/therapist. I wanted to reflect the positive support I have received and move forward and so I have concluded my account with this poem. (There is more background to this on my ‘Secrets’ page  🖤



Hope: is it the

finest thread we hold on to,

  delicate and easily damaged?

Is it brittle, like glass,

So easily dashed to the ground

Shattered into a thousand pieces

By a thoughtless word,

an unkind act?


All the demons of the world swirl around hope,

their aim, to strangle her and suppress her power

Because they know,

Hope is strong!

Stronger than spider silk.

Hope holds on relentlessly

When all else seems lost,

 even the slimmest chance.

Hope resists all evil.

Hope is the light that shines through the darkness

of the past, of our secrets, of our weakness.

Hope is there in our absolute brokenness

Ready to re-shape the future

Faith, Hope and Love,

our Bible tells us, these three:

Faith, Hope and Love.

Yes, the greatest is Love, but it is

Hope that sits like an arrowhead in the centre,

 Binding the two together

When our faith is weak, when love is a struggle

Hope will fire her way through

To light the path before us,

 Hope can make everything possible,

and nothing impossible.

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