I’m not ready to slow down!

I wake up some mornings and look, sleepy eyed into the bathroom mirror and think ‘What happened?’. You see it all looks such a mess – the hair, the face, not just bed crumpled, but full of longer term creases. However I feel inside, the outside picture is that of a 63 year old woman who has been through a fair bit in life.

Does that sound familiar?

Does it possibly sound depressing? I don’t mean it to be, because there was a key phrase in all that – ‘however I feel inside’…

It’s true that I probably take a little longer to wind myself up in the morning than I used to (although I’ve been up and back in the gym by 7am four mornings in the past week) but essentially, inside, I’m still full of energy and I’m still full of ideas and ready to embrace new opportunities.

I always think it’s a bit sad when I hear people speak of the over sixties in terms of slowing down! I’m nowhere near ready for that and I’ve always said that my aim, in my relentless dedication to working out, is to keep this body as strong and fit as I can, for as long as I can.

It’s true, I can’t avoid some of the inevitable physical signs which greet me in the bathroom mirror each morning, but I can do my best to keep my mind active and my body healthy.

More importantly, I have learned over the years, that the best way to move past the ageing vision that relentlessly greets me is to put on my make up, give thanks for all my blessings, put on a positive smile and step out to embrace whatever the new day that God has granted me will bring.




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