It’s January, it must be BOOTCAMP!

It’s January – that can only mean one thing: BOOTCAMP!

For the past two years I have begun the year with a Bootcamp, or Fitcamp as my gym called it. This has involved being pushed to my limits (and beyond) over several sessions a week for a month.

The sessions have included: HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training), weightlifting, cardio and endurance exercises of all manner.

In 2018 and 2019, there were four of us who undertook this challenge together, two mums and two daughters and we laughed and cursed in equal measure as we were put through our paces by the instructor. The result was that Christmas, and its excesses were soon a distant memory and I loved the feeling of emerging from ‘Fitcamp’ feeling fitter and eager and ready to continue my exercise regime into the spring and summer months.

But then came January 2021. No gym. We began the year in Tier 4. No Fitcamp this year. Instead – Lockdown!

So… what to do? A quick look at what was available, and I came up with: BOOTCAMP!

I signed up to Joe Wick’s January Bootcamp!

January 4th: 7am. It’s still dark as night outside but I’m off: Burpees, walking planks (how I hate them – I skin my elbows every time) press ups, jump squats, jumping lunges, star jumps, you name it, it was in that first session.

What a start to the day and to the New Year.

Then comes an additional challenge in the form of a post from the local Gym Fitness Manager via Facebook: 10 press ups and 10 sit ups a day, increasing by 2 of each week by week.

‘I’m up for it’ I respond without hesitation.

How old am I? Almost 63, but I can’t resist the challenge!

January 4th: 5.30pm and I am getting ready to run my first Zoom POUND class of the year, but before I do, I get down on the floor and do my 10 press ups followed immediately by 10 sit ups.

I then lead a full-on POUND (Cardio HIIT drumming fitness workout) class, which finishes me off for the day.

A glance at my watch tells me that I’ve completed 173 minutes of exercise and burned over 3,000 calories on my first BOOTCAMP day.

We’re well and truly off! 2021 do your worst!

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