Keep moving to keep smiling

As we move into colder months I am back to getting up in the dark to take myself off to the gym for an early morning Spin or HIIT class.
Running in the dark is not an option, so it’s once more on the Treadmill. Joining with my daughter to lift weights again has also been a joy.
And of course, then there is Pound. Twice a week I lead a willing group of equally mad people in thousands of squats and lunges to fantastic rock anthems,  with the accompaniment of weighted drumsticks.
What’s not to love?
What’s not to give huge thanks for?
As the days draw in, it would be so easy to curl up and do nothing, but this won’t keep me energised and ready to take on the world.
Everyone can do something!
If we can’t cope with the more physical activities, we can at least get out in the fresh air for a walk. The autumn colours are beautiful: God’s creation getting ready to rest before renewing in the spring. The experience lifts our spirits.
My thought for this week: keep moving to keep smiling 🙂


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