‘Live classes pending…’


We are now counting down the days to being able to hold live indoor exercise classes once again. This is so exciting for me as I prepare to welcome back my lovely POUND family. For months now we have persevered with classes transmitted via Zoom. Some have managed to stick with it throughout, others have given up due to the frustrations of unreliable internet provision. I fully understand how difficult it is to follow a routine that is so reliant upon both the music and the beat, in sync with the physical movement on the screen, when the internet keeps freezing. It’s not just like keeping up the reps in a regular HIIT session. POUNDFIT HIIT relies upon everyone keeping with movements of the instructor and the rhythm and beat of the music.

So…with just over a week to go, it’s getting very exciting. In just a few days time we will be a community that can meet in person once more and see and hear one another. In just a few days time we will be able to hear those sticks as we beat them on the floor and up in the air, as one, together. In a few days time we will be able to groan together as we scrape ourselves back up from a frenetic abs, glute and quads routine. In just a few days time we will be able to encourage one another to keep on going.

And in just a few days time I will be able to see and enjoy being up in front of those I’m leading in all these crazy and amazingly fantastic routines.

I can’t wait!



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