Music and exercise

Itโ€™s been one of those weeks! I began it with a run, then a run and row session, two Pound classes and I ended it with a run today.
Monday morning was a gym session – it was pouring with rain, so as on Saturday, I put myself on the Treadmill.
When I run alone, I do so to a playlist on Spotify. I find it motivates me and also keeps me at a good speed and rhythm. When I transferred onto the rowing machine, once again the music kept me going.
Of course music is integral to Pound sessions as it is in Spin classes. Basically, if the music is rubbish, then the experience will suffer. If my class are not keen on a track I use for Pound I will drop it. It is sometimes hard enough to motivate ourselves to workout and the choice of music can really influence that.
Even when Iโ€™m doing a weights session I will have music on.
The exception to all this was my run this morning! I did 5km around Etherow Park with no music whatsoever. Why? Because I ran with my lovely son, and we talked all the way around! We didnโ€™t stop, we didnโ€™t even pause, we ran and talked and made our fastest time out together! So maybe the music is not so much the motivation when we run, as the distraction! Our conversation was certainly the distraction today.
Whether motivation or distraction I will keep the earphones in and keep looking for good music tracks for Pound classes and appreciate them in Spin sessions.







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