Out of the comfort zone!

Wow! Now that was a day like no other. Yesterday I truly became ‘master of my fate’ and ‘captain of my soul’ as I journeyed so far out of my comfort zone and undertook a challenge like no other: the ice bath! Why? Why? You might well ask! Why do I push myself further and further in everything I do? To be honest, I’m not sure I can give you an answer. It is something about having to prove myself, probably coming from a lifetime of not feeling good enough, not feeling I’ve done enough, not worth enough. These feelings are deep seated and so I push and push.
As many of you know, I’m also driven by wanting to do anything to keep this ageing body fit and well and going for as long as I can.
For years I’ve struggled with mental trauma as a result of childhood abuse and physically with asthma; I’ve had some nasty chest episodes including pneumonia, pleurisy and costochondritis. I also have chronic kidney disease, diagnosed when I was in my early forties; I have good reasons to work on keeping myself fit.
When cold water therapy was suggested to me a couple of years ago I laughed at the thought – but five weeks ago I embarked upon a daily routine of a deep and controlled breathing method followed by a cold shower. This in turn led me to investing upon a Wim Hof Method workshop in North Wales yesterday. I have to say that the whole day was incredible. The instructor was knowledgeable and so encouraging. I went to challenge myself, to take myself out of my comfort zone and to learn more about what lies behind the method. The day did not disappoint. Eighteen of us – mixed ages and gender left that session having gained much more than we could have imagined. Now the journey really begins. Now I understand. I understand how and why it works and I understand how to get the best out of each element of the method.
So here we go on an exciting new journey – pushing out of my comfort zone and seeing what the future holds next for this crazy woman!

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