Secrets behind the collar complete

Last year, I decided to write my story, to  share the events which have shaped me and made me the person I am today.
My experiences of childhood trauma, of sexual assault and sustained sexual and emotional abuse are written here in full.
You can read my life story by scrolling back through these pages. I began to post the sections of my story in January 2021 – each week I have added more.
I have not written to shock, or to say ‘Oh woe is me’ and I really hope it doesn’t ever come across that way.
i have shared my story in the hope that my experience might help somebody else. I kept all that had happened to me like a dirty secret for over 50 years. I never dealt with it until it came to a head in 2020. When the rest of the world as coping with a pandemic, I was facing up to a personal trauma that I could no longer ignore…

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