Six months with Joe Wicks

When everything locked down again here, in November 2020, under Tier 3 Restrictions, I was gutted because I’d just got my Pound classes up and running again and I’d really enjoyed being back in the gym. With yet another ban on live classes, I reverted my Pound classes back to Zoom twice a week. I then began to think more about my wider daily exercise regime.
I had noticed that Joe Wicks had a 90 day plan and thought it might be a good idea to sign up, and resolved to do just that – straight after Christmas. Then came the advert across social media that Joe was launching a new @thebodycoach App for Apple users. In fact, there was an offer for a years subscription at a reduced cost and so I thought, why not? Before I could talk myself out of it, I signed up! Now, 16th December perhaps wasn’t the best date to do this, but I reasoned that as I was doing it as part of a whole healthy approach to my lifestyle, then occasions like Christmas and other significant events would just have to fit in.
So, to choose a level: as I’d been going to the gym for a couple of years (since I turned sixty) and I’d been doing the Joe Wicks workouts on YouTube all summer, I decided that maybe I should sign myself up on the Advanced plan. The first workout nearly killed me! I dropped back onto the Intermediate Plan, but soon discovered that the workouts weren’t actually pushing me as hard as I knew I could manage – so yes, you’ve guessed, I restarted it all over again – back on the Advanced Plan, and I’ve been following it now for six months.
Now, I have to admit that I haven’t had the great body transformation that I’ve seen in some others on the plan, either in weight, or in my measurements; my improvements have been more subtle! I think that has something to do with my age (and an element of comfort eating which I still can’t get past).
However, I feel good, my clothes fit better and I’m certainly much stronger. I workout with heavier weights than I’ve ever done before (at times not too much different from Joe) and I exercise in a far more regular and measured way. I workout and rest in a consistent pattern throughout the week to avoid injury; I also warm up and then stretch out to cool down every time which has made me more flexible over all.
I am loving the App and I would recommend it. Of course, the workouts are really challenging, but Joe is there alongside, completing every move and he is so encouraging; he really does get me through it. I’m always so pleased with myself when I collapse in a sweaty mess at the end of a session.
Then there is the food, which is so varied and with great flavoursome recipes which are carefully balanced and measured for both workout and rest days. If I could manage my comfort eating I’m sure I would see even greater transformation. 🤔
Now, there’s something to aim for over the weeks and months to come!

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