So, here it begins – a new Blog.

Why, you might ask?

What’s the purpose?

Why the Rev’s Return?

2020 has been a difficult year for so many people, let’s be honest, we’ve none of us ever known anything like it.

For me personally though, 2020 brought unexpectedd and added difficulties, which resulted in my having eight months signed off work. But here I am before the year is out, back, stronger and more resilient than I ever was before. I’m back and I know that I have all the inner strength and resolve to deal with the secrets and demons that have haunted me since my childhood. I have come back with renewed determination in my life and in my ministry.

Why else then, the ‘Rev’s Return’, other than the fact I have returned from several months off? Well, those who have met me as a Festival Chaplain also know that ‘The Rev’s Return’ is the name of the bar I can be found behind at Buckle and Boots Country Music Festival, Blackthorn Music Festival and Moovin’. It is where you will probably, initially, meet me during the festivals and certainly where some amazing conversations about belief and faith have begun.

I am really hoping that this blog will encourage you also to believe that whatever you are facing, you can get through it, whatever challenges you can beat them! You can deal with things you never thought you could. You are stronger than you know!

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