Sprained Ankle, determination and perseverance

Last weekend I twisted my ankle causing a sprain. It was the last thing I needed, especially as I was doing so well with my daily exercise and workout plan using the Joe Wicks Body Coach App.

I was so frustrated!

However, I was also sensible  I rested it for the first few days to let the swelling go down before beginning to walk it out and mobilise it. I have to admit to overdoing it one day, but on the whole I looked after it well.

It didn’t take me too long though to find workouts I could still do with an injured ankle: I did legs, bums and tums, I did German Volume Training and I managed a kettlebell workout. The fact that I could do these made me feel so much better about myself and in a strange way enabled me to allow my ankle to heal.

i am fortunate that it wasn’t a really bad sprain and although I’m still not ready to jump around on it, I am happy that I can look after my ankle and still get my daily workout fix without causing further injury.

I am the master of my fate, I’m feeling positive and its a new week; so it is onwards and upwards for this workout crazy vicar!



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