Still here 🏋️‍♀️

Yes, I’m still here, I’m still completing six HIIT workouts a week – four early morning Joe Wick’s and two POUNDfit sessions – one Monday and one on Friday. I feel great in so many ways: I’m stronger – I’m lifting heavier and I’ve got greater endurance in each workout and I feel so good, so positive to begin the day after I’ve worked out. I also cannot finish leading a Poundfit class without the biggest grin on my face. The positive endorphins from exercise are amazing and should not be underestimated.
My clothes are fitting well, although I do seem to have plateaued both in terms of inches lost and pounds lost. I think some of it is linked to my age – I know it is harder to lose when you are older. I also think that as I probably only want to lose half a stone (too skinny would not be a good look at 63!) and so I have to admit that I’m a bit lazy. I do follow Joe Wick’s food plan because the recipes are amazing, but I also like a sweet fix! I also like a drink at weekends.
I take the view that life is for living. I’m living and working to keep this body going, but I’m also trying to enjoy my life. I’ve been through a lot and I deserve it!
Basically, I believe in balance.
Workout, keep strong, keep supple and flexible – it will all help as we age, keep those endorphin levels up – we need it to cope with the continued difficult times we are all experiencing at the moment. But most of important is to live your own life, enjoy each day, it’s a God given gift.

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