Over the past couple of weeks I’ve returned to the swimming pool for the first time since 2019. Me, being me, went straight for it – 50 lengths, on the basis that if I did it before, I could do it again. I did it, but in slower time than before. Two weeks on and I’ve knocked five minutes off that first swim.
I’m not a fast swimmer, I’m steady and I get there in the end. I’m also competitive. I struggled to swim in the same lane as my daughter because she is now stronger and faster, so I switched lanes. Now all I compete against is the second timer and my own time.
Jo, my daughter, cannot understand this. Her view is to just get in the pool and swim for pleasure. For me, that is holiday swimming. Going to swim at home is for a workout and so I do what I do in every workout. I push myself to my limit.
I’m not sure how long I will continue as the weather gets colder. I’ve never been enticed by the swimming baths in the winter, but fir now I will keep trying to slice a few seconds off my 50 lengths.

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