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Back to POUND!

I have to say that as I am writing this, I am beyond excited about the prospect of tomorrow: the 17th May and the day I get to lead my first live, face to face POUND class in almost seven months! I had only really just got my classes up and running before the first […]

What a week!

From Ruby Wedding celebrations to Pub Car park worship: To say it’s been quite a week is a bit of an understatement! I didn’t post last Sunday, due to the fact that Mick and I were busy celebrating our Ruby Wedding Anniversary – 40 years! We had the most wonderful day, renewing our wedding vows […]

A Roadmap

The past week has seen the PM unveil his ‘roadmap’ for our route out of the restrictions we have all lived under, due to the pandemic, for almost twelve months now. Of course we want to be positive, but we can be forgiven for approaching this latest announcement with some caution. It doesn’t seem so […]


This morning I completed my January 2021 BOOTCAMP! 20 killer Joe Wick’s workouts and 8 POUND classes! It has been an adventure and I’ve achieved so much! I began on the 4th January and I’ve pushed on through every day and at the end of it, I can honestly say that I feel so energised […]

Here we go again ~ another lockdown

On the one hand, it came as no surprise that we should be locked down yet again. It has practically become the norm over the past year in Greater Manchester to be able to do very little, other than within or with members of your own household. But, as the message hit home last night, […]