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A big decision, a difficult choice

This week, Jo, my daughter and I chose to withdraw our entries from this year’s Total Warrior extreme obstacle race. It is due to take place on 10th July in Leeds, and in fairness, all the information coming out via email is worded to assure participants that it will conducted in a COVID safe manner. […]

The bewildering language of fitness 🤔

Burpees?  Squats?  Planks?   Mountain Climbers?   Bear crawls? Russian Twists?  Walk outs?  Frog jumps?   Flutter kicks?  Thrusters? When I began to seriously engage with the gym in 2018, the language of the world of fitness was a complete mystery to me. In the first instance, I panicked at the names of the various […]

Vicar turns Warrior

It’s December 2018 ~ I’ve been 60 since March and made great progress with my strength and fitness. I am a regular at my local gym: I Spin four or five times each week, I lift weights, I’ve taken part in the odd Circuit Training session and I have a Personal Trainer who puts me […]