Thank God for Pound

If you’ve read my ‘Musings’ post you will have realised that it has been a challenging couple of weeks (in fact I haven’t written about the greatest challenge of all, because at the moment, I just can’t) which have pushed me to my limits.

Working two festivals in two weeks and a road traffic collision have taken their toll on my energy levels; I’ve been so very tired. I am so tired. Thankfully, I’ve slept heavily for the past few days and slowly, I think my body is recovering.

All that has happened has disrupted my usual resolve and routine to workout at 7am four mornings a week.

I’m finding it so hard to get myself moving, and that is why I’m saying ‘Thank God for Pound’. The sessions are not until 6pm and I know that a lovely group of people are relying on me to produce the energy and drive to lead them in a great class. It is this reliance which is keeping me going at the moment!

I love Pound! Someone described it as the greatest workout ever this week. I love it because I always feel good once I start the class. I never get through it without laughing and I finish it exhausted with the biggest smile on my face! What is not to love?

I know that I will return to my HIIT and probably my running again on a regular basis soon, but until I do:

‘Thank God for Pound!

2 thoughts on “Thank God for Pound

  1. Bridget Headridge says:

    We love Pound and the energy you bring to it! There are days I don’t feel like turning up but I do and I always always leave energised with a smile!! 💚💚💚

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