The Twists and Turns we don’t expect

We cannot ever know the twists and turns our lives will take. We cannot predict our future, and that is probably a good and positive thing! If we knew what tomorrow might bring, we would possibly spend an excessive amount of time and energy either worrying about it or trying to change it, both of which are equally futile.
We are far better dealing with the events of our life as they happen, however daunting, difficult or exciting they might be.
This time last year I had no idea that my world would implode and that I would be diagnosed with a condition I believed to be associated with traumatised ex servicemen and women – PTSD.
Whilst the world was coming to terms with an unprecedented  pandemic, I was coming to terms with the events of my own past. As the pandemic unravelled, so did my life story, painful episode by painful episode. It is, of course, the subject of ‘Secrets Behind the Collar’.
Now, as we begin a new year, so it seems my life is to take a new turn and I’m not sure how it will play out.
To date, I’ve only shared my story in its entirety with a small number of discerning people, before I embarked upon this blog.
But now, in the course of the past few days I’ve been invited to share the story of my life publicly, on a national scale.
I don’t know where this opportunity is all going to lead, but I will continue to pray that in the process of unveiling the secrets of my life and my story it might encourage others to speak out and seek the help it took me far too long to ask for.
The events of our past might have influenced us, they may have shaped us, they may well have haunted us, but as we move forward, they do not have to define who we are; that is our choice. 

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