I suppose it was only a matter of time before someone posted a message which was both upsetting and offensive my website. It was in response to the publication of my experiences in ‘Secrets behind the collar’.
Of course, I haven’t accepted it, so it won’t be seen publicly, but the very personal attack has really rocked me and in particular, rocked my confidence in posting on my blog.
Those who know me, also know that it has never been my intention to elicit any particular reaction in telling my story.  I’ve shared my experience in the hope to give others, particularly those who may also have suffered abuse, the realisation that they don’t have to live with secret shame.
The message I received today was a personal attack, absolutely intended to provoke more shame – shame in sharing my story, added to the shame of the original abuse. It has saddened me greatly.
The publication of my personal story has been wholly supported ratified by friends and family, along with senior clergy within the Church, all of whose views I value greatly. . I cannot thank those who really understand the reasons behind my sharing my story, for their love and compassion.
I will pray for the man who has felt that he needed to post such an uncalled for message with so little regard of the  hurt he obviously knew he was going to cause.
Please forgive me if I just pause my blog a little while.
Thank you to everyone of you who reads it accepting and understanding the honesty and integrity in which it has been shared.

5 thoughts on “Trolled!

  1. Magi Coles says:

    Makes me so sad that this happens! But the difference is no one cares what he says, where we hang on your every inspirational word 👏👏👏

  2. Gruff says:

    Secrets behind the Collar. A startling and humbliing read which I came across following the Ride of Rembrance today. Your courage and strength of character shines very brightly and is admirable. May that strength enable you to rise above negative and destructive comments. Shame on them. Hope you enjoyed riding with us today. 😊

    • Lynn says:

      Thank you so much for your encouraging words! And, yes, I really enjoyed the ride. It was an honour and a privilege to take part.

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