We are back!

I’ve now completed three live, face to face POUND classes. It has been amazing to have a group of people in front of me, all following my instruction as they have beat those sticks and rocked out together. The sound has been incredible. The increase in calories burned has been noticeable.

For months I’ve given it my all from my dining room. I’ve worked out to the reflected image of myself on my laptop. I’ve not been able to watch my group because of the slight delay on Zoom. But now that has all changed! And what a difference it has made!

There is so much more energy in the room when we work out together. We hear the beat, we strike the beat as we go through routine after routine.
100 squat or lunge challenges sound daunting and they are! I did 100 lunge challenge yesterday morning and it was a killer. But then you put on some rock music and pick up a pair of ripstix and lead a group of people and you complete hundreds of squats and lunges without a second thought – up, down, side, pulse – whatever the beat dictates.

Getting back to live POUND has given me a new energy and purpose. I love it  I love to share the sheer fun and energy of it. As full body, full energy, full of fun, strength and cardio workouts go, it just has to be one of the best.



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