Where did it all begin?

So, in 2018 this vicar reached the grand old age of 60. To be perfectly honest, I wasn’t looking forward to it at all. It felt so very old! But, there is one thing for sure, we cannot hold back the inevitable; whether we like it or not, we will grow older and our bodies will grow older.

I’d been working to lose weight with Slimming World for the past year and I’d also been doing an annual run – usually the Race for Life for some years. When I turned 60 my lovely daughter signed me up to run 10k. My birthday was in March and the race was in June. She also persuaded me to rejoin a gym and I did what I always did in the gym – I put myself on a treadmill – every session. That was my gym experience until the day my daughter threw down another gauntlet and suggested I join her in a Spin Class. Now, if like me you don’t know anything about it, the mere suggestion of Spin is scary. All I knew was that it involved cycling on a bike with no brakes whilst an instructor shouts to go faster, or uphill, or to stand up and pedal. My response to Jo, my daughter, was to say absolutely no way. No way was I putting myself through that! A few days later, however, there I was on a bike, being shouted at by an instructor and pedalling my little legs off to the beat of very loud rock music. At 60, I had embarked upon a new fitness journey with twists and turns and destinations I could never have imagined.

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