You’ve got this


I wrote this specifically for a young woman who is really struggling this week, but I’ve put it here because I believe it sentiments can be applied to so many of us at the moment, including myself.

You’ve got this


It may not feel that way today,

But I know you’ve got this.

You are a strong woman

who has faced so much against the odds

Of course you’ve got this!


I know you’ve been through the mill

You’re feeling wrung out,

defeated and done,

                              Your body keeping the score of your hurt

But I still believe –  you’ve got this.


There is nothing that you cannot beat,

Nothing that can ever diminish

your worth in this world,

your potential, the you that you are meant to be

You’re so much stronger than you believe you are today

You’ve got this!


Take a look in the mirror, what do you see?

Eyes that have witnessed too much,

Windows on a soul that knows too much.

But now look again, look further,

look deeper… until you see, until you find

that inner strength,

that solid core.

That’s there, that’s waiting

Deep within your being.

This is what will see you through.


You see a broken woman before you

But look now at the steel within her eyes

And tell her out loud and just believe

‘You’ve got this’.


For Lucy


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